BSV Services

Business Skills Viability (BSV) is a not-for-profit organisation, independent organisation. BSV provides services in workforce development, training design, research and qualification structure. 

BSV has been established for 31 years and can offer a range of quality services in the following fields:

  • Industry training advocacy
  • Industry training research and planning
  • Industry forums and seminars
  • Publications and reports
  • Consultancy services
  • Training product design
  • Workforce planning
  • Accreditation advice: Anna Henderson is an Approved Training Packages Accreditation Advisor 
  • Training Package quality assurance: Anna Henderson is on the Training Package Quality Assurance panel

BSV conducts contracted activity. Currently BSV is working with the Victorian Skills Authority managing two Industry Advisory Groups (IAGs):

1/ Business Services sectors (Business Services, Financial Services, Digital Services, Printing, Graphic Arts, Cultural and related industries, Property Services, Education including International Education, Professional Services)

2/ Public Sector, Public Safety, Local Government, Water and Corrections

Successful project activity recently undertaken by BSV includes the following:

  • Training package development, including: Seafood, Working with Animals (Companion Animals, Crocodiles and Animal Management), Racing, Governance, Diversity, Waste Management, Surveying and Spatial Information Services and Customer Contact qualifications and units of competency
  • Editing and quality assurance of various training packages including Beauty, Sport, Carpentry, Infrastructure and Resources, Forest and Wood Products, Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation, ICT, Food Processing, Creative Arts and Culture
  • Development of learning support material, including: Small Business, Accounting, Leadership and Management, WHS and Intellectual Property User Guides  
  • Industry sector functional analysis, including a functional analysis of the Procurement industry and the Community Culture and Creative industry 
  • Development of accreditation courses and competency standards 
  • Industry needs analytical reports
  • Workforce development strategies
  • Vocational Education and Training and equity group research
  • Workforce strategy development for many industry sectors including Financial Services and the Superannuation sector 
  • Industry career mapping in Waste Management, Business Services, Financial Services and Property Services  
  • Assessment

Call or email us to discuss the range of consultancy services including:

  • Training Package review and development
  • Editing and quality assurance
  • Training Package quality assurance
  • Training needs identification
  • Workforce, training and skills demand research
  • Matching existing training programs against national competency standards to ensure that in-house training can lead to a nationally recognised qualification
  • Tailoring and contextualisation national training packages to suit local conditions
  • Developing and packaging training programs and learning resources
  • Providing advice about the availability of training funding schemes
  • Designing training and staff development strategies
  • Providing external validation of workplace assessments